Officers and Committees

Members of the Lambda Lambda chapter serve on at least one committee; chapter officers serve on both the Executive Committee and a separate committee. There are three standing committees open to all members: Membership, which handles recruitment, the membership education process, and brotherhood events; Programs, which handles service projects and philanthropic events; and Finance, which coordinates fundraisers and helps create the budget.

Besides these three regular committees, special committees may be created and dissolved by the President or chapter.

Executive Committee

  • Caitlen Douglass, President
  • Avery Arthur, Vice President of Membership
  • Grace Coryea, Vice President of Programs
  • Jessica Conatser, Treasurer
  • Grace Stockhaus, Member at Large
  • Micah Sanchez-Hawkins, Sentinel
  • Emma Lanham, Historian
  • Ellys Davenport, Relations Officer
  • Aiden Kantner, Secretary