Hello! In an effort to gain the necessary funds to continue to provide water and apples to the Marching Sycamores (for all eight games this year), and to continue our usual service projects, the Lambda Lambda chapter is selling old Marching Sycamores uniforms. All uniforms have been dry cleaned within the past year.

Full Uniforms (Jacket and Pants) will cost $25.

Each individual item (Jackets or Pants) will cost $15.

There will be a $5 shipping fee added to all orders. If you wish to pick up a uniform from campus, please contact John Bontjes or David Kluender for more information.

Additionally, the first twenty purchases will receive a complimentary set of cords for their uniforms as well.

Order Form


Payment Information

Checks Payable to “Kappa Kappa Psi Lambda Lambda Chapter”
Address: 300. N. 7th St. Terre Haute, IN. 47809.

PayPal: paypal.me/KKPsiLambdaLambda

Decal on Bibbers (above). Full Uniform (below).